Your hair also needs nutrition

If your hair is dry or oily, or easily broken, then they also need to add some nutrition, you can try to give them to eat fruit, they will re-gloss, elegant up.

1.Grapefruit skin to save broken hair
People often dyed hair or perm, hair dry easily broken. Grapefruit skin can be soaked in hot water for 24 hours, with the water wash your hair, enhances hair resilience.
This is mainly because the grapefruit is rich in protein, fiber and grease, which nourishes the hair is very obvious.

2.Olive oil to prevent drying
As we all know, very good olive oil for cosmetic effect, but it hairdressing was also very effective. The olive oil can be added to the water and then spray on the hair, the hair more glossy moisture, adhere to two months, dry conditions will be fundamentally improved. care with mango
Thai people black shiny hair, go in Thailand, often see people with mango shampoo. If your home conditions, can be mango Juice, the mango slag mixture of a tablespoon of lemon juice, coated on hair, then gently massage, then wear a bathing caps for 20 minutes, then wash with warm water. Over time, you will be surprised your hair became very shiny black!
Mango is high in vitamin content, it also contains much needed hair of phosphorus and other minerals.

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Article: Your hair also needs nutrition

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