Winter Health Tips: 6 of food to protect computer users against radiation

As technology advances, computer users have become an important crowd. Of radiation at the computer every day, cardiopulmonary events should not have invigorating, plus the lack of oxygen in the room in winter, reducing the human immune system, fatigue will be more easier. Fewer people in winter outdoor activities, often sitting in front of the computer people, prone to nasopharyngeal dry, chapped lips, throat hoarseness, mouth pain, dry cough, dry skin, dry eyes, whole body fatigue, irritability or mood. Arrange work schedules in addition to reasonable and appropriate physical exercise, following some healthy foods, the health of the computer workers, with some help to anti computer radiation.

1, green vegetables
Fresh vegetables are the body’s “cleaner”, the secret lies in vegetables has a “secret weapon”, basic ingredients, make the blood alkaline, soluble precipitate in the cells of toxins, so that with the urine excreted.

2, kelp
Kelp is a radioactive substance “nemesis”, contains a called kelp gelatinous substance , can contribute to invade the human body of radioactive material from the intestinal excreted.

3, pig blood
Pig blood is plasma protein-rich, plasma protein by digestive enzymes break down, can with enter the body the dust harmful metal particles react with, into a new substance is difficult to dissolved, and precipitated, and then excreted.

4, green beans
People known as the “green bean soup detoxification effect” theory. Modern medical studies have proven that green beans contain help the body excrete toxins, speed up the metabolism of substances, can be effective against various forms of pollution.

5, black fungus
The biggest advantage is that the black fungus may help excreted cellulose material, so that these harmful fibers can not gain a foothold in the body.

6, Tea
Great harm on the computer visual acuity, often operating computers should drink more, eyesight anti-radiation drinks, such as wolfberry tea, chrysanthemum tea, green tea. Liver eyesight wolfberry tea can prevent vision loss and restore sight. Tea have anti-radiation effects, can reduce the computer screen X-ray radiation hazards. Tea is rich in polyphenols and lipopolysaccharide and other components can adsorb and capture combined with radioactive substances and excreted.

Others such as milk, eggs, liver, cauliflower, cabbage, eggplant, lentils, carrots, cucumber, tomato, banana, apple, radish and other cruciferous vegetables, is not only the common people and delicious food on the table, but also has prevent radiation damage function.

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Article: Winter Health Tips: 6 of food to protect computer users against radiation

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