What’s the reason for bad skin complexion

For those who have a poor complexion there might be several factors which are leading to it. Your improper habits may lead to bad skin and complexion. An excessive amount of caffeine, sugar and an excessive amount of focus on the skin could possibly be the reasons leading to your horrible skin. Be responsible how to banish these improper habits before the skin will get any worse than.

For those who have unsightly blemishes, acne or skin without that beautiful glow that some women do, you may have responsible yourself. If you’re stating that you cleanse the face day and evening but you just possess a bad complexion, this might be your condition. Too much soap can cause your skin to dry out too much, which causes it to produce a lot of skin oils, the oil will then attract dirt and bacteria causing your skin to break out. In addition to the soap, too much toweling dry of your skin can cause the same reaction because you just got rid of a lot of the essential oils in your skin by toweling it off.

Some women may complain that they still have bad skin, even though they go to the spas and get a chemical peel. Chemical peels may work for some, but these harsh peels leave women’s skin vulnerable to the environment, such as the sun and the harsh pollution that is out there.


Peels will cause you to have a worse complexion because it burns away your skin. Too much moisturizing can cause your skin to be defenseless and prone to getting too oily and attracting bacteria.

Your diet can also ruin your complexion. Coffee and sugar can cause breakouts and make your skin dry. Caffeine and sugar makes your blood circulation bad, not bringing a fresh supply of blood to your face. This causes your face to dry out and makes you gaunt and old looking.

If you want a better complexion, watch what you put into your body. Another item that has recently been in the news is your pillowcase. It may seem strange but people have found that by changing their pillowcase once a week, they have gotten rid of their acne.

If you want to break the habit that causes bad skin complexion, watch what you eat, do not use too much soap or leave your face too dry. Chemical peels are often bad for your skin as well.

Make sure you get sunscreen on your face because the sun does so much damage to it. Alcohol on your face and in your body makes your complexion worse.

Do not put too much makeup on to cover up the bad complexion because this will only cause your skin to breakout even more because it cannot breathe. Take care of your face and it will give you that complexion that you have always wanted.

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Article: What’s the reason for bad skin complexion

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