What to eat vegetables for maternal?

1, The lotus root: lotus root contains large amounts of starch, vitamins and minerals, nutrient-rich, light and refreshing, to spleen and stomach. Maternal eating lotus root, early removal of intra-abdominal accumulation of congestion, increase appetite, help digestion, promote milk secretion, contribute to feeding the newborn.

2, Yellow bean: bean sprouts contain a lot of protein, vitamin C, cellulose, protein is the main raw material for the growth of tissue cells can repair damaged tissue, vitamin C can increase the flexibility and toughness of the vessel wall, prevent Bleeding, cellulose can be laxative, maternal prevent constipation.

3, Kelp: Kelp contain more iodine and iron, iodine is the main raw material for manufacture of thyroxine, iron is the main raw material for manufacture of blood cells, maternal eat these vegetables, can increase breast milk iodine and iron content. Newborns eat this milk will help the body’s growth and development, prevent associated cretinism. Iron is the main raw material for manufacturing red blood cells, the role of the prevention of anemia.

4, Asparagus lettuce: asparagus lettuce is one of the main Vegetables in spring. Which contains a variety of nutrients, especially minerals, including calcium, phosphorus, iron more, can contribute to bone and teeth. Asparagus lettuce has clear heat, diuretic, blood circulation, promote breast milk. Especially for postpartum oliguria and no milk for human consumption.

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Article: What to eat vegetables for maternal?

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