What is the reason the incidence of ectopic pregnancy?

We all know that ectopic pregnancy is an acute abdomen, severe life-threatening when the caution, so the disease for ectopic pregnancy, you need our vigilance. In fact, ectopic pregnancy can be prevented, to understand this problem, first get to know the risk factors of ectopic pregnancy.

1. Ectopic pregnancy and reproductive tract infections, high incidence of most closely related to high. Gynecological inflammation, such as vaginitis, cervicitis may ascending infection to the fallopian tubes, resulting in tubal inflammation. After abortions, the body’s own defense mechanisms are affected, tubal vulnerable to bacterial infection, resulting in tubal inflammation surrounding tissue. Who repeated abortion, pregnancy, the more the number, the greater the likelihood of ectopic pregnancy occurred. Studies have shown that pelvic inflammatory disease can also increase the risk of ectopic pregnancy, 2.7 times.

2. Heavy smoking and drinking also increases the risk of ectopic pregnancy. Studies have shown that nicotine and alcohol can affect the tubal cilia swing, induced ectopic pregnancy. According to statistics, the incidence of smokers than non-smokers 1.5-4 times higher.

3. Contraceptive methods can lead to inappropriate choice of ectopic pregnancy. Birth control pills can affect estrogen and progesterone levels, in turn affect the tubal wall peristalsis, ciliary activity and epithelial cell secretion. If the hormone imbalance, it will affect the delivery of fertilized eggs occurred tubal pregnancy.

4.Had abdominal surgery in women, increased risk of ectopic pregnancy. Caesarean section rate is now rising, scar in the uterus of ectopic pregnancy is increasing. In addition, perforated appendicitis is the high risk factors of ectopic pregnancy, appendectomy will increase 1.8 times the risk of ectopic pregnancy.

Experts advise to understand it to understand risk factors for ectopic pregnancy, ectopic pregnancy can be prevented. No smoking, no alcohol, avoiding dirty sex, active prevention and treatment of vaginal infections, diseases and other gynecological diseases. Proper understanding of the timing pregnancy can reduce the incidence of ectopic pregnancy.

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Article: What is the reason the incidence of ectopic pregnancy?

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