What is the principle for L-carnitine weight loss ?

Laevo Rotatory Meat Alkali weight loss principles is to promote the decomposition of fat.

L-carnitine is now the first choice for many women weight loss products, then the L-carnitine in the end what kind of material is it? L-carnitine (Left-carnitine) another name for L-carnitine, vitamin Bt, the chemical name β-hydroxy γ-Trimethyl Ammonium acid, is a white lens or white transparent powder. L-carnitine can easily absorb moisture. Good stability in PH3~6 can be placed of 1 year or more, the ability of the high temperature above 200 ℃ and has good water soluble and water absorption.

People put on weight, is actually the body of fat have increased. The metabolism of fat process is to go through an obstacle, obstacle is the mitochondrial membrane, mitochondria can burn fat, so that the release of energy consumed by the body, but the long-chain fatty acids not pass through this hurdle, so carnitine which serves role as a porter! The long-chain fatty acids moving little by little to shield the outside, gave the mitochondria, and further oxidation it! And the L-carnitine just as fatty acid into the mitochondria “porter. ” To achieve the desired level of fat burning, the body will need a good balance of carnitine content. Therefore, an appropriate supplement L-carnitine, so you burn fat in a timely manner, makes you healthy, slim, has a charming body.

L-carnitine is a fat metabolism coenzyme necessary, to promote the fatty acids into the mitochondria, and the oxidation and decomposition. If the fatty does not enter the mitochondria, no matter how you exercise, how to diet, you can not consume it (fat).

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Article: What is the principle for L-carnitine weight loss ?

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