What is the difference face cream and Cleansing Milk

Face cream and Cleansing Milk is actually not much difference, in fact, the best way is to clean skin, oily skin with a large bubble, neutral skin with a small bulb, dry skin with micro-bubbles, mixed care too much trouble, it is recommended used in the bubble or vesicles. No matter what the skin, in the spring, winter and autumn we must make up water.

Face cream for dry skin or a neutral person, foam Cleansing Milk for oily skin, if it is mixed skin in place with a Cleansing Milk for oily skin, other parts with Cleansing Milk. In addition, if the skin morning and evening of a different nature may choose to apply with their own characteristics.

Strong point of the summer with a clean foam facial cleanser, less the number of winter like winter to rub a little cream, you can choose fresh type, or of course, dry and peeling.

1.Foam facial cleanser can be interpreted as little or no foam, more moderate people use for dry skin in winter, when used;
2.Foam Cleansing Milk is much, much easier to fit on oil out of the oil and more people are using, or summer;
3.People are generally winter facial cleanser, hot weather, sweating on the use of cleansing milk.

Facial cleanser Cleansing Milk and what is the difference? Discriminant analysis is simple: no foam facial cleanser, moisturizer with a similar feeling, more moisture, relatively suitable for dry skin, are generally relatively thin, but Cleansing Milk generally relatively thick, so relatively speaking, facial cleanser cleaning ability worse than the Cleansing Milk . And because the facial cleanser relatively thin, so cleaning time shorter, thicker Cleansing Milk because, cleaning time is longer.

Facial cleanser Cleansing Milk and differences:

1. In accordance with cleaning intensity differences:

Facial cleanser Cleansing Milk and the difference is not great, Cleansing Milk cleaning ability stronger, no foam, their nutrition is better, which is also easier to cause acne mites survive.

2. in accordance Suitable to distinguish:

Cleansing Milk for normal and oily skin.

Facial cleanser for dry and neutral.

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Article: What is the difference face cream and Cleansing Milk

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