What foods to eat can remove freckle

Remove a lot of friends know, in fact, we usually pay attention to diet as long as, generally does not produce too many spots can dilute the spot, and then what food to eat?

1. Kumquat orange juice
Effects: enhance immunity, freckle beauty.
Materials: 2 oranges, kumquats 5, fructose 1 small cup
Seasonings: None
1 orange and kumquat washed, cut in half.
Juicer orange and kumquat squeeze the juice into the cup.
Adding an appropriate amount of cold boiled water and fructose, mix well and drink.
Dining tips:
Oranges and carrots with edible will destroy citrus rich in vitamin C, reduce the nutritional value.

2.Milk kiwi
Effects: beauty calcium supplements.
Material: 2 kiwi fruit, 1 cup of yogurt
Seasoning: None
Kiwi Peel and wash into small lumps.
The kiwi first into the blender whipping.
Then pour yogurt whipped evenly.
Dining tips:
Constipation often suitable to eat kiwi.

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Article: What foods to eat can remove freckle

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