What foods can help children height growth

nutrition experts believe that children’s growth and development (including the long height) is inseparable from the four major nutrients: protein, minerals, fatty acids and vitamins.

1, Protein is the foundation of life, all kinds of tissues and organs by protein composition, which makes choosing a high-protein food is very important. Lean meat, fish, milk, soy, eggs and so rich in protein.

2, Calcium, phosphorus, magnesium and other minerals constitute the most basic element of bone architecture, bone mineral two-thirds, 99% is constituted by these three kinds of minerals, and therefore sufficient and appropriate mineral supplement The lengthening of the bone is very important. Milk, fish are calcium-rich foods. In addition, such as iron, zinc and other trace elements important role is also very important, they can be from many areas of life activities in regulating the speed of growth and development of children. Animal offal, fish, nuts and food containing these trace elements are abundant.

3 Fatty acid intake of adequate is very necessary to children’s height development. Unless the child’s own body weight has reached the obesity, or children should not be strictly limited choices fatty foods. Parents should choose a natural science with a high essential fatty acids in food, such as fish, eggs, etc..

4, Vitamin on a child’s growth and development are essential to the role of so-called “life-sustaining element of” is this truth, in which vitamin A, B, C, would be particularly high for children to play an important role in long. Citrus fruits, carrots, spinach, etc. are rich in vitamin volume.

In fact, the world can not a so-called “long high” the perfect food, but there are a lot of you can contribute to food. The existence of these foods in our daily diet, such as fish, lean meat, eggs, milk, soy, animal offal, as well as fresh fruits, vegetables, etc., which are conducive to children height growth and brain development.

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Article: What foods can help children height growth

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