What food to eat help to sleep ?

What to eat is conducive to sleep at night ?

1.Milk: Milk contains two hypnotic substances: one is tryptophan, brain cells can promote the secretion of neurotransmitters that make people sleepy – serotonin; the other is the regulating role on physiological functions of peptides with Class, one of the “opioid peptides”can be combined and central nervous system, play a narcotic similar to opium, analgesic effect, making people feel comfortable body, relieve fatigue and thus conducive to sleep. For the physically weak and cause nerve weak, the more obvious hypnotic effect of milk.

2.Millet: In all the grains, millet, the most abundant tryptophan. In addition, millet contains large amounts of starch, after eating the food and clothing easily make people feel, can promote the secretion of insulin, and progress into the number of tryptophan into the brain.

3.Walnut: Clinically, walnut been shown to improve sleep quality, so often used to treat nerve weakness, insomnia, forget, dreams and other symptoms. Specific way of eating is accompanied by black sesame, mash, eat 15 grams at bedtime, the consequences are very obvious.

4.Sunflower seeds: sunflower seeds contain a variety of amino acids and vitamins, can regulate the metabolism, improve brain cell inhibitory properties, play a sedative effect. After dinner, nibbling some of sunflower seeds, but also promote the secretion of digestive juice is conducive to digestion of stagnation, aided sleep.

In addition, the jujube, honey, vinegar, and whole wheat bread also help sleep food: jujube rich in protein, vitamin C, calcium, phosphorus, iron and other nutrients, there is Spleen and soothe the nerves effect. After dinner drink with jujube soup, can speed up to sleep time. Vinegar contains many amino acids and organic acids, eliminating the role of fatigue is very obvious, you can also aided sleep. The whole-wheat bread is rich in vitamin B, it has insisted the nervous system health, elimination of irritability, and promote the role of sleep.

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Article: What food to eat help to sleep ?

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