What are the symptoms baby calcium deficiency

Following possible symptoms of calcium deficiency baby, but that parents should pay attention to these symptoms does not mean your baby calcium deficiency.

1.Night sweats
Especially after falling asleep, the head profuse sweating, crying after sweating more obvious.

2. Do not sleep real night terrors, night crying
Night is often suddenly awakened, crying more than.

3. Temperament abnormal
Strange temper, love crying, restlessness, is not easy to look after.

4. Pillow bald circle
The hair at the back of the head is polished to form a pillow bald.

5. Late teething teething arrhythmia
Some children 1 year old, yet the teeth, or teeth dysplasia, uneven arrangement of teeth, malocclusion, loose teeth, premature loss.

6. Late growth retardation, toddler, bone and joint deformities
Calcium deficiency in children most 1-year-old Xue-mai legs. Calcium deficiency in children, due to the soft bone, and some showed the “X”-shaped legs, some performance for the “O”-shaped legs, muscles, soft weakness, leg pain.

7. Fontanel closure delay
Often after 1 and a half years old, is still closed to form a square skull.

8. Often beaded ribs rib cartilage hyperplasia, each rib cartilage hyperplasia even since like beaded, often oppressed lungs, caused by poor ventilation in children suffering from bronchitis, pneumonia and easy.

9. Muscle tendon relaxation
Severe calcium deficiency in children, if the abdominal muscles, intestinal muscle relaxation, can cause gas accumulation in the intestine and the formation of abdominal swelling, such as frog belly like. If the tendon relaxation of the spine, humpback, chicken breast, sternum pain.

10. Other
Calcium deficiency in children also often symptoms of loss of appetite, poor mental state, convulsions, are not interested in the surrounding environment, mental retardation, decreased immune function.

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Article: What are the symptoms baby calcium deficiency

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