What are the dietary considerations for lung cancer patients

Of patients with is now more and more, so dietary considerations for patients with which is a lot of people are concerned about, because the diet of patients with have an important role in the treatment and rehabilitation of the concrete look.

First, is the diet of patients with lung cancer need to ensure adequate nutrition, so to be able to fight disease. Patients can be more than 20% increase in protein and calories, and is beneficial to both the treatment and rehabilitation of patients with lung cancer.

Secondly, in the arrangement of the diet of patients with lung cancer, you should pay attention to the full use of anti-cancer food factors, because some of the food can be induced cancer, while others may be anti-cancer, obviously the need to avoid eating carcinogenesis food, and eat are beneficial to the common anti-cancer cruciferous vegetables such as cabbage and cauliflower, radish, garlic, plum, soybeans, beef and other food.

Again, the diet of patients with lung cancer is based on the patient’s physical condition and digestive, absorptive capacity to choose the right diet in the form of, for example, if the patients prone to choking when eating, should be given a soft rice or soft dry semi-liquid food .

Finally, patients with lung cancer dietary considerations which, experts said, also need to pay attention to the eating environment for patients with lung cancer and the patient’s preferences, to eat their favorite foods, increased gastric secretion can promote appetite, improve the absorption and utilization of food.

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Article: What are the dietary considerations for lung cancer patients

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