What are the contraindications for pregnancy watch TV?

TV at work, the CRT will be issued with the naked eye can not see x-rays, these rays hitting the outside part, the impact of the baby can not be ignored, if often in front of the TV to watch TV at close range and tend to pregnant women Abortion or premature delivery, can make fetal malformation, especially for 1-3 months of the fetus, more insidious. So, what pregnant woman watching TV taboos it?

1, avoid close watch TV: pregnant women, the distance from the TV should be more than 2 meters.

2, avoid watching TV continuously for a long time: the time the general pregnant women should not watch TV more than 2 hours, to avoid excessive use of eyes. Particularly pregnant women with pregnancy induced hypertension should pay attention.

3, avoid indoor air not circulation.

4, avoid watching horror, tension, tragedy programs: These programs make the women nervous, there is a special substance in the blood, to bring to the fetus through the placenta, the fetus uneasy.

5, watching TV to avoid slept too late: Pregnant women should pay attention to rest, to ensure adequate sleep, usually at night should sleep 8-9 hours.

6, avoid watching TV after dinner: food needs to digest after a meal, watching TV requires the brain, so that the body is bound to make the blood supply of the gastrointestinal reduced, thus affecting the normal digestion and absorption, is not conducive to the growth of fetal development.

7, avoid bad health habits: such as eating snacks while watching TV, curled up watching TV with the body. This will increase intra-abdominal pressure, gastric motility is limited, is not conducive to digestion and absorption of food, in particular, is not conducive to biliary excretion, biliary tract disease-prone.

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Article: What are the contraindications for pregnancy watch TV?

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