Ways to treatment of cervical spondylosis

7 ways to treatment of cervical spondylosis:

After working for some time must pay attention to rest : long engaged people who work desk , coffee breaks and should be increased activity time, to enhance the body’s blood circulation, eliminate local muscle fatigue, prevention and mitigation of cervical strain. Such as a long look at the screen , television, should be every half hour to an hour to rest, avoid long oppressed by the cervical spine .

Choose the right pillow : pillow suitable for the prevention and treatment of cervical disease is important. Who generally sit pillow high punch, high punch pillow side by half , about 10 centimeters. Pillow with kapok, buckwheat husk as well, loading amount should be appropriate in order to maintain a certain degree of hardness and elasticity. Elastic oversized pillows likely to cause neck muscle fatigue and injury. Are best used to sit in the neck Xiadian a small pillow to keep the cervical physiological curvature . Diet should pillow stuffed by side to face the gap with the shoulder , in order to reduce the burden on the neck .

Prevent injury and stiff neck : usually should prevent stiff neck trauma and prevent cervical ligament injury , damage to the stability of the cervical spine , and thus induce or aggravate cervical spondylosis. Neck injury will induce the disease , in addition to pay attention to posture outside , take a quick transport across brakes, head rushed forward , it will happen ” whiplash ” injury , so we need to protect themselves, and not asleep in the car , sitting seat may be appropriate to reverse the body , side forward ; sporting event but also to prevent cervical spine injury ; acute exacerbation of cervical spondylosis , cervical spine to reduce activity , especially to avoid turned around quickly , if necessary, with neck collar protection.

Strengthening neck exercises : strengthening neck exercises can prevent and delay the occurrence and development of cervical disease . Methods are: arms akimbo , slow breathing, slow down as much as possible so that the chin then angle the first collar button ; further upward, head thrown back as far as possible ; followed by left and right head tilt , left and right shoulder at the earlobe try to reach ; around turning neck , chin touching the shoulder as possible . In addition , regular chest , rotating elbow , Paijian movement , is also good. Methods are: Stretch your arms to the left , after exertion exhibition , chest ; elbow flexion and then two fingers take ipsilateral shoulder to elbow tip for circling movement forward, backward alternately ; finally with the right palm tapping the left shoulder, right shoulder, left palm slapping , alternately.

Favorable treatment rubbing feet : feet big toe inside the root of human cervical stripes at the end of reflex zones . Daily hand rub this part , be effective in treating cervical spondylosis.

Neck warm : the neck by cold stimulation causes muscle spasm , increased stiff neck pain . In autumn and winter , it is best to wear high-necked clothes ; weather a little hot at night sleep should be taken to prevent the cold shoulder and neck ; hot season , the air temperature is not too low .

Correct posture : a major cause of cervical spondylosis is working to learn posture, good posture to reduce fatigue and avoid injury . Down time is too long , the muscles fatigue, cervical disc are aging , and the emergence of chronic fatigue , would secondary series of symptoms. Best desk working posture of the neck to keep upright, slightly forward, do not twist , tilt ; working time more than one hour , you should rest a few minutes , do some neck movement or massage ; should head leaning against the bed or sofa armrest reading, watching television.

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Article: Ways to treatment of cervical spondylosis

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