Tips to prevent lumbar disc

Lumbar is a common clinical situation, lumbar is the most common cause of low back pain clinical reasons. Should arouse our attention.

Maintain good habits to prevent cold waist and legs to prevent over exertion.

Station or sitting position. The spine is not correct, will cause the disc Unevenness of concealed roots caused by disc herniation. Correct posture should be “station, such as pine, sitting like a bell.” Straighten chest, waist straight. The same posture should not remain too long, due in situ activity or lower back, lower back muscle fatigue can be lifted.

The bend amplitude stretching exercise is not too big, not only will not achieve the desired purpose, it will result in the intervertebral disc.

Do not bend over the heavy lifting should squat to get heavy objects, and then got up slowly, do not bend as far as possible.

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Article: Tips to prevent lumbar disc

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