The role of vitamin E

In recent years, popular all over the world and beauty and a new method, that is, taking vitamin E (Vitamin E). According to reports at home and abroad, continued to take 3-9 months of vitamin E (200 mg), chloasma will be significantly diminished, the skin will become smooth and soft white.The following details the on the woman and their beauty.

Vitamin E also known as tocopherol, for a woman is most concerned about the vitamin E cosmetic effect. Metabolic processes in our body will produce a harmful free radicals, they will result in oxidation, damage our cells, and this result is that in the face wrinkles, pigmentation and other signs of aging. Natural Vitamin E can capture these free radicals, thereby eliminating the negative effects of free radicals from the body.

Vitamin E on women to enhance the role of the function of reproduction. : Studies have shown that vitamin E can make the follicle to increase, promote glandular secretion cells to increase the secretion of female friends want to have a healthy baby, remember that vitamin E should not be less Oh! It also has other role, that is, the treatment of postpartum water, dysmenorrhea, waist and feet tingling.

How vitamin E beauty skin? The first method is the direct consumption of vitamin E tablets, but the dosage should be determined according to the actual situation, not eat beneficial good, the best dietitian about food. If it is topical, there are several ways, Here are a relatively common and effective method.

Coordination method is very simple: take honey, lemon juice the Banchi, yogurt 3 measuring spoons, three vitamin E tablets (crushed into powder) tune into a paste, directly deposited on the face after a quarter of an hour, clean with warm water can. Other similar recipe just is not the same as nothing, such as the use of olive oil + honey + vitamin E + aloe juice which is more common.

Vitamin E also has a hair raising effect, use vitamin E into the shampoo, shampoo can be.

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Article: The role of vitamin E

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