The peculiar effect of aloe vera

1, Aloe vera can promote digestion
Aloe vera juice can promote digestion, treat colitis, ulcers and acute intestinal inflammation. Because can promote the secretion of pepsin, which can help the stomach digest food.

2, Aloe vera can lose weight
Aloe vera can lose weight is because it contains aloe active factor can promote fat burning, and inhibit the intestinal absorption of dietary meal fat ; and aloe vera emodin can play a laxative effect, effectively prevent the accumulation of fat secondary, so there is a certain weight loss effect.

3, Aloe vera can treat wounds
The study found that aloe vera juice can accelerate wound healing, especially burns, radiation burns and so on. It is often a dermatologist after surgery to accelerate skin wound healing.

4, Aloe vera can strengthen the immune system
Aloe contains 23 kinds of material can boost the immune system functions, including the digestive system. This is because it contains glycerin to play a role. It exists in aloe the form of Mannosides . aloe vera can stimulate macrophages, monocytes, antibodies and T cell activity, thereby enhancing the immune system.

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Article: The peculiar effect of aloe vera

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