The nutritional value of potatoes

Potatoes high nutritional value, rich in vitamin A and vitamin C and minerals, high-quality starch content was 16.5%, also contains a large number of lignin, known as the man’s “second bread”. It contains vitamins are 2 times of carrots , 3 times of Chinese cabbage, 4 times of tomato and the most vitamin C content of vegetables.

1.Potatoes contain a lot of starch and protein, B vitamins, vitamin C, etc., can promote the digestive function of the spleen and stomach.

2.Potatoes contain a lot of dietary fiber, can be wide intestinal catharsis and help the body excrete metabolic toxins in time to prevent constipation, prevention of intestinal diseases.

3.Potatoes to supply the body with special protective effect of a large number of mucus proteins. To promote support digestive, respiratory and joint cavity, serous cavity lubrication, prevention of cardiovascular and fat deposition system to maintain the flexibility of blood vessels, help prevent the occurrence of atherosclerosis.

4.Potatoes are rich in vitamins and calcium, potassium and other trace elements, and easy digestion and absorption, nutrient-rich, especially in North America in the United States and Europe, potatoes early as the second staple food. Potatoes in favor of patients with hypertension and edema in the rehabilitation of nephritis.

5.Reduce stroke risk, very high levels of potassium in the potato, to eat five or six potatoes a week, can decrease risk of stroke by 40%, have effects on the mediation indigestion.

6.Prevent hair loss, it also has the role of prevent nervous hair loss, repeatedly rubbed with fresh potatoes, the site of hair loss, hair regeneration to promote a significant effect.

7.Potatoes at the same time is an alkaline vegetables, are beneficial to the body acid-base balance, and in vivo metabolism resulting from the acid, which have a certain beauty, anti-aging effects;

Do not have to worry about excess fat to eat potatoes, because it contains 0.1% fat, the lowest fat content in all the food. Eat potatoes every day, can reduce fat intake, you can let the body gradually metabolized the extra fat, eliminate your scourge.

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Article: The nutritional value of potatoes

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