The nutritional value and efficacy of kiwifruit (Chinese gooseberry)

Kiwi is rich in vitamins C, A, E and potassium, magnesium, cellulose, but also relatively rare in other fruits contain nutrients – folic acid, carotene, calcium, progesterone, amino acids, natural inositol. The calcium content of kiwifruit is 2.6 times of grapefruit, 17 times of the apple, 4 times of the banana, vitamin C content was 2 times of orange. Therefore, it’s nutritional value than any other fruit.

Kiwi is rich in vitamin C, can strengthen the immune system, promote wound healing and the absorption of iron; it is rich in inositol and amino acids, can inhibit the depression, mental consumed nutritional supplement; its high potassium content Containing sodium low, you can burn the midnight oil to add the loss of physical strength.

Kiwi contains a lot of arginine, can promote blood circulation, enhance sexual performance. In the elderly, almost fat-free kiwifruit contain large amounts of pectin and vitamin E, helps heart health, can lower cholesterol. On young people and children, kiwifruit contains arginine and so on amino acids, can strengthen brain function and promote the growth hormone secretion.

Kiwifruit also contains magnesium rare in other fruits. On the beauty of the ladies, kiwifruit is the most suitable diet food. Although the nutrient-rich, but because it is low in calories and dietary fiber its unique not only promote digestion and absorption, can also give rise to a sense of satiety. Therefore, the kiwi is the best weight loss and balanced nutrition choices.

kiwi fruit contains a wealth of good dietary fiber and antioxidants, heat can play a pathogenic fire, moistening laxative effect, can effectively prevent and treat constipation and hemorrhoids. kiwi fruit contain antimutagenic ingredients glutathione, is conducive to inhibit the induction of cancer gene mutations. Of liver cancer, lung cancer, skin cancer, prostate cancer and other cancer diseases have a certain extent inhibit effect.

kiwi fruit is rich in arginine, could improve blood flow to prevent thrombus formation, to reduce coronary heart disease, hypertension, myocardial infarction, arteriosclerosis and other cardiovascular disease incidence and treatment of impotence has a special effect. kiwi fruit contains a lot of rhesus sugar alcohols natural inositol, can effectively regulate glucose metabolism, regulation of intracellular hormone and nerve conduction effect, the prevention of diabetes and depression have a unique effect.

kiwi fruit is rich in folic acid, folic acid is an essential building material of good physical health, can prevent abnormal embryonic development of the neural tube, as friend to lift the worries of pregnant women.

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Article: The nutritional value and efficacy of kiwifruit (Chinese gooseberry)

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