The nutritional value and efficacy of betel nut (Areca)

Edible parts of betel nut per 100 grams, containing 76.4 g of water, 3 grams protein, 14 grams fat, 0.6 g alkaloid; its fatty oil containing 19.5% lauric acid, palmitic acid 12.7%, 1.6% stearic acid, oleic acid 6.2 %, 0.3% by acid, linoleic acid 5.4%, 0.3% dodecyl acid, acid 7.2% in the fourth carbon, etc.; betel nut contains free amino acids, more than 15% proline, tyrosine, Phe More than 10% acid and arginine; In addition, it also contains betel nut red pigment, catechin, and polymers such as flower IL.

(1) insecticide effect. Arecoline is effective insecticide ingredients. Pork tapeworm have a stronger role in the paralysis; on beef tapeworm can slice its head completely paralyzed and immature, in vitro tests have paralysis on the role of rat pinworm, roundworm poisoning can be made.

(2) anti-viral, antifungal.

(3) to aid digestion. Betel nut chewing can increase gastrointestinal smooth muscle, and enhance peristalsis and promote the secretion of gastric juice, it can help digestion, increase appetite.

(4) anti-hypertensive.

(5) anti-cancer.

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Article: The nutritional value and efficacy of betel nut (Areca)

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