The efficacy and the role of flaxseed oil

The role of flaxseed oil:
In recent years, through research and clinical trials, confirmed that flaxseed oil has the following functions:
1, The skin delicate shine
Improve skin fat content, making skin more smooth, moist, soft and flexible, while normal skin respiration and perspiration, reduce all kinds of skin problems.

2, weight loss
Can consume excess body fats,, healthy weight loss method.

3, To improve women’s premenstrual syndrome
There are many examples of women premenstrual syndrome, such as dysmenorrhea and other symptoms. Symptoms completely disappeared after eat fresh Flaxseed oil every day, of course, need to meet the vitamins and minerals.

4, To enhance the anti-pressure
Omega 3 can reduce the body by the pressure of the harmful health effects of chemicals, stable mood, calm state of mind, reduce depression and insomnia.

5, Reduce allergic reactions
Omega 3 helps reduce allergic reactions, but because the whole body to re-organize, to completely eliminate allergies need for a longer period, but also to comprehensive nutritional supplement.

6, To reduce asthma
After eating a few days, you can significantly reduce asthma attacks.

7, Improve arthritis
Experiments show that omega-3 for the treatment and prevention of arthritis has a significant role.

8, To improve organ and tissue inflammation
Omega-3 organ and tissue inflammation on the prevention of great help, including meningitis, tendinitis, tonsillitis, gastritis, ileitis, colitis, arteritis, phlebitis, prostatitis, kidney inflammation, inflammation of the spleen, hepatitis, pancreatitis, ears go far, as well as ringworm and sores.

9, Lower cholesterol

10, Reduce the cardiac stress
Can reduce high blood pressure, reduce cholesterol levels, while increasing the level of unsaturated fatty acids, improve the blood concentration, reduce blood viscosity and maintain blood flow, prevention of the vascular obstruction and the disease. In addition, can also prevent blood clots, stroke prevention (heart and brain artery blockage), heart disease (coronary artery blockage), pulmonary vein thrombosis (pulmonary artery-clogging) and vascular surface disease (ie jaundice sores).

11, Improving renal function
Omega 3 adjustment prostaglandins, promote liver, pancreas and spleen secretion, metabolism of our body functioning properly.

12, Improve constipation
Improve intestinal function, increase absorptive capacity, ability to increase intestinal peristalsis normal bowel movements and reduce constipation.

13, Promote cell health
Improve the cell membrane water and elasticity, increase cell respiration and nutrient exchange capabilities, and strengthen the body’s cells repair and healing, the cells healthy and reduce the chance of cancer.

14, To promote the quick mind
Increase the brain delivery medium to enhance brain activity function, so that the brain more efficient, the ability to learn to think better.

15, energetic
Body balance and Improve the membrane blood sugar levels, make you more energetic. Also can increase muscle endurance, muscle fatigue after exercise can make faster recovery.

The efficacy flaxseed oil:

1, lowering blood fat, lowering blood pressure, cardiovascular disease prevention!
2, adjustment of gout and rheumatism rheumatoid
3, anti-cancer effects
4, inhibition of thrombosis, prevention of myocardial infarction and cerebral infarction
5, protection of eyesight
6, to enhance intelligence
7, inhibition of allergic reactions
8, anti-inflammatory effect
9, inhibition of cancer and metastasis
10, inhibition of aging
11, to promote insulin secretion, prolong hypoglycemic effect

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Article: The efficacy and the role of flaxseed oil

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