Taurine can eliminate excess cholesterol

Although is still unfamiliar to us all , but it has slowly entered our lives , this is because it hyperlipidemia patients who have a very important role , especially for high- hypercholesterolemic patients , it can put excess cholesterol excreted into bile acids , which can reduce cholesterol in the blood results.

So it is how to play it ? Taurine with cholesterol in the liver as the raw material . Manufacture of bile acids, bile acids through the bile duct . Was discharged gut , so it ‘s good for digestion and absorption of fat . These bile acids are excreted in part , the other part went back to the liver, bile acid as a raw material to be used again , which is what we call enterohepatic circulation .

Intestinal loops are cholesterol excretion into the body can only chance , if we can take advantage of this opportunity to make some more bile acids , it can discharge some of the more cholesterol. The conversion of cholesterol to bile acids , this role is called catabolism . Taurine has increased catabolism of this enzyme function, if the liver taurine more to promote cholesterol into bile acids catabolism more intense , the more bile acid synthesis , then consumed cholesterol also more.

There careful reader may ask, is not good and bad cholesterol, right, high-density lipoprotein cholesterol is good cholesterol , LDL cholesterol is bad cholesterol. So, taurine will not have these two cholesterol excreted it ? Generally speaking, if the body ‘s total cholesterol reduction , there will be an increase in good cholesterol bad cholesterol decreasing trend. Therefore, taurine is possible to reduce the amount of total cholesterol , can increase the amount of good cholesterol , so as to achieve the treatment of hypercholesterolemia and the prevention of arteriosclerosis.

In addition , taurine and bile acid metabolism also if a great relationship. Bile acids there are two, one is the combination of taurine and taurine combination of fatty acids. Another is combined with glycine and glycine combination of fatty acids, bile acids are generally both a ratio of 1:3 , ie glycine enemy with a little more body fat , is a combination of a fatty acid taurine 3 times . If the combination of fatty acids taurine increases, it is easy to be excreted out of the body , like that. Improve liver function can also be reached results.

Thus, we can draw a knot perish , if the liver taurine , the more the combination of fatty acids taurine made ​​the more , and easy to be excreted . Then as bile acid feedstock cholesterol also will consume even more. So, to say that taurine has the extra cholesterol into bile acids excreted role.

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Article: Taurine can eliminate excess cholesterol

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