Skin whitening and sunscreen ways in summer

To , , the most important work in the summer heat! Sharing my experience.

1, The water and vinegar and salt dissolved, the ratio is about water: vinegar: salt = 9:3:1, with a good tune mixture wetting the towel, rub in the face, morning and evening, (if you want to rubone or two did not matter), good results, and the results soon, white skin, acne will be gone.

2, With the strawberries into pieces juice, put the egg white. Rub once every 2 to 3 days.

3, Loofah water and milk after adding honey to deploy, to use it a few times later, the face is white and tender!

4, Easiest cheapest and most convenient but very effective whitening method, the banana ended up mushy, and then pour the whole milk, then add a small amount of water. The proportion of these things is probably the 2:5:1 and then wipe his face, and then gently tap the face, and finally do nothing. 20 minutes after the wash.

5, Tomato mash, filter juice applied to the face and wash after 20 minutes several times a day, make the skin white, but also to rid of freckles.

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Article: Skin whitening and sunscreen ways in summer

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