Several bad habits would damage kidneys (renal)

1, The abuse of analgesic drugs
Long-term use or large doses of some anti-inflammatory drugs, such as painkiller, anti – inflammatory pain, paracetamol, aspirin, etc., easily lead to kidneys damage.

2, Excessive use of certain Chinese herbal
Some Chinese herbal clinical findings would “hurt the kidneys.” Tripterygium which caused kidney most damage, followed by the manshuriensis.

3, Overeating
Increased opportunities for modern gatherings, often eating too much “delicious”, most of these wastes excreted through the kidneys, excessive eating will undoubtedly increase the burden on the kidneys.

4, Often back urine
Some people are busy with work and for a long time holding back urine. Experts advise holding back urine can cause urinary tract infections and pyelonephritis. Once this type of infection recurrent , can cause chronic infection and difficult to cure.

5, Drinking too little water
If time does not drink water, will reduce urine output, urine carries waste and will increase the concentration of toxins. Common clinical kidney stones, hydronephrosis, and for a long time without drinking water and so closely related.

6, Excessive drinking beverages
Soft drinks and sports drinks excessive intake may indirectly damage the kidneys. The body’s pH is 7.2, which beverages is generally highly acidic, drinking in the body after significant changes in pH.

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Article: Several bad habits would damage kidneys (renal)

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