Seven kinds of food improve dull skin and skin whitening

What foods to eat to improve dull skin? Today, dull skin not only affect your skin, but also make people feel does not look good, then you know about what to eat to improve dull skin it? Let us introduce you what to eat to improve dull skin and skin whitening.

1, Soybean products
Isoflavones contained in soy is a phytoestrogen, can replace a part of the role of women hormones, to help fight aging, but it also has antioxidant capacity, maintain the luster and delicate skin of women of a essential food.

2, Big jujube
Big jujube can ruddy complexion and skin moisturizes. Also, big jujube contained in the protein, carotene, vitamin c, vitamin e, organic acids and phosphorus, calcium, iron and other substances can promote skin cell metabolism and prevent pigmentation.

3, Lemon
Lemon is rich in vitamin c can promote skin metabolism, anti-aging, whitening, shrink pores, soften the cuticle and make the skin shiny. According to the research, lemon can reduce the incidence of skin cancer, about a week as long as the spoonful of lemon juice to the skin cancer incidence decreased by 30%.

4, Nuts
Nuts contain unsaturated fatty acids on the skin is very good, able to soften the skin from the inside and outside, to prevent wrinkles, while moisturizing skin look younger. Nuts contain vitamin e, not only can reduce and prevent skin lipofuscin production and deposition, but also to prevent acne.

5, Radish
White radish is rich in vitamin c, not only can promote collagen synthesis, improve blood circulation, to ensure the blood supply to the skin, can remove toxins from the body, reducing the formation of melanin, make the skin white and delicate.

6, Litchi
Lychee is rich in sugars, protein, fat, inorganic salts, dietary cellulose, vitamin a, vitamin b, vitamin c, citric acid, malic acid, etc., eaten in moderation, can promote capillary blood circulation, make the skin whitening . However, every time intake is not too much, every time it is best not over 10, not more than 3 times per week.

7, Fish
Research found that three times a week to eat fish may protect the skin free from UV rays. Long-term eating fish can provide people with a similar sunscreen natural protection, make the .

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Article: Seven kinds of food improve dull skin and skin whitening

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