Nutritional value and efficacy of Pomegranate juice

contains many amino acids and trace elements, helps digestion, anti-ulcer, soften blood vessels, lowering blood pressure and blood sugar, reduce cholesterol and many other functions. Prevent coronary heart disease, high blood pressure, can be refreshing achieve stomach, increased appetite, longevity of effect. Those of excessive drinking, hangover have strange effect. In addition, pomegranate peel contains alkaline substances, insecticide efficacy; pomegranate flower have hemostatic function, and the pomegranate flower soaked in water eye wash, as well as the effect of eyesight.

Red pomegranate is rich in minerals, and antioxidants have two – Pomegranate polyphenols and anthocyanins, also contains linoleic acid, vitamin C, B6, E and folic acid. Red pomegranate contains calcium, magnesium, zinc and other minerals, extracts, can quickly add the lost , making skin more bright and smooth.

Pomegranate contains prevention of atherosclerosis and high level of antioxidants reduce the cancer processes, Pomegranate wine, Pomegranate juice on the human body are of great benefit.

Whether it is fresh squeezed Pomegranate juice or Pomegranate wine after fermentation, the content of flavonoids higher than red wine. And flavonoids in the human body can neutralize cause disease and aging free radicals.

Arteriosclerosis, aging and cancer is a long, slow process of development. If the 20-year-old from the beginning early even more persist moderate drinking of Pomegranate wine or Pomegranate juice, good for their health and longevity.

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Article: Nutritional value and efficacy of Pomegranate juice

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