How to skin care with milk

Rational use of milk is not only a nutritious meal, even more beauty of the best product. If reasonable drink milk, not only beauty, but also fitness.

1, Milk and soy milk are all beauty of high quality goods, reasonable diet combined with adequate sleep, your skin will be supple and permeability white.

2, Mask has the advantage of a deep cleansing effect, but, if no time to home-made mask, covered the surface with milk daily, then, if sustained, one week covered 1-2 times will also enable the skin shiny slippery. Specific practices is the milk poured into a clean wash basin, and then use a thin towel covered the milk to the face ; surface of the milk until completely dry, wait a few minutes after washing with water can be.

3, Milk with a tightening of the skin effect, if the morning found eyelid edema, can be used amount of milk and vinegar and boiling water mix thoroughly, and repeatedly touch the eyelids 3-5 minutes, then hot towel for a moment, eyelid edema was immediately disappear.

4, Take 1 tablespoon of milk, few drops of olive oil and a little flour, mix well and wrap it in a clean surface to dry after washing with warm water. This facial mask has a reduction of wrinkles, increase skin elasticity effect.

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Article: How to skin care with milk

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