How to skin care to have a perfect skin whitening

skin care to have a perfect whitening skin. Healthy skin, smooth blood circulation, it will naturally show rosy transparent gloss. When lack of sleep or aging occurs, blood circulation slows down, the skin will become bleak matt. So, have a role to promote the blood circulation skin whitening products is essential, the use of orange skin polyphenols, vitamin c and other antioxidant ingredients, and promote micro-circulation, in conjunction with the appropriate massage, creating rosy skin tone.

1, Basic : improve dull skin, repair short-term sun caused skin darkening

Exfoliates to speed up updates. When the skin is too tired, normal metabolism is disturbed, those who can not discharge the melanin accumulated  in the epidermis, it will make skin bleak matt. Timely removal of old horny to help brighten the complexion, to ensure adequate absorption of skin whitening ingredients to make skin more pure.

After the prolonged outdoor activities or summer, everyone will “tanned”, then the work done skin whitening is the most likely to yield results. But not immediately after the skin whitening sun, but should first be a period of moisturizing, soothing care, skin to be more resilient state, and then began to skin whitening procedures. At this time you can use the one-week intensive whitening mask, can accelerate the metabolism of melanin cycle, helping the skin whitening as soon as possible to its original state.

2, Intermediate skin whitening: eliminate pock acne, skin zero defects

Pock, acne is pigmented, if skin whitening timely, then, eliminate the possibility is great. Why stay in a spot on the skin the longer, more difficult to eliminate? It is because it contains large amounts of melanin pigment spots at the gathering, the bottom of the cell division will slow, resulting in skin melanin aggregation is difficult to discharge. Therefore, there is pigmentation of the skin, the sooner the whitening maintenance, the higher possibility of the disappearance of the spots. Use containing a high concentration of skin whitening ingredients whitening essence, this method accurate and effective, whitening essence can also use at any time during the day, intensive fade hyperpigmentation.

The skin more fragile in a skin whitening process, therefore need more protection.
From the deep cleaning, peeling horny, to increase the vitamin c, arbutin, play a role in a variety of acidic substances, skin whitening of each process in the “destruction” sebum membrane, and to make the thin stratum corneum, The skin would therefore be very fragile. So moisturizing again and again, and then sun protection again and again!

Skin whitening and anti-aging to be combined. Vitamin c, vitamin a, there are both skin whitening and remove wrinkle effect. Such as oxidation, glycation and the like aging, also will result in hyperplasia of melanin, but also “skin whitening” problem to be solved.

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Article: How to skin care to have a perfect skin whitening

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