How to prevent intracerebral hemorrhage (Cerebral hemorrhage)?

Cerebral hemorrhage, it is rapid onset, dangerous condition, the mortality rate is very high, acute cerebrovascular disease in the most serious kind, for the current lethal disease in the elderly -. Well, you know how to prevent intracerebral hemorrhage it? Prevention of cerebral hemorrhage, start from the following aspects:

1. pay attention to diet
Attention to low-fat diet, low salt, low sugar, eat less animal brain internal organs, eat more vegetables, fruits, soy products, with appropriate amount of lean meat, fish, eggs.

2. maintain a good attitude
Maintain optimism and avoid too much excitement, so that peace of mind and reduce worry, contentment.

3. to control blood pressure
Hypertension is a lifelong disease, to life-long medication, can not be fits and starts network, so that repeated blood pressure rebound easily lead to vascular rupture, the occurrence of cerebral hemorrhage.

4. have laws of life
Elderly people within its capacity to do work properly, but not too tired.

5. pay attention to weather changes
Cold days are prone to seasonal stroke, blood vessels increase in systolic blood pressure is easy, to keep warm the body to adapt to climate change, but also according to their own health status, some proper exercise. such as walking, doing radio gymnastics in order to promote blood Cycle.

6. to prevent constipation
Defecation force not only raise abdominal pressure and also increased intracranial pressure , so that the fragile small blood vessels easily rupture, which caused a brain haemorrhage. To prevent constipation, eat more fiber-rich foods. such as cabbage, celery, leeks and fruit . appropriate exercise, and before the morning self-care abdominal massage. Or appropriate and drugs, such as Maren Pills, honey, oral, topical glycerin enema; can effectively prevent constipation.

7. Often moving the left hand
Daily life, do more with the left arm and left leg, particularly with his left hand more, to reduce the burden of the left hemisphere, but also exercise the brain’s right hemisphere, in order to strengthen the coordination function of the right hemisphere. Medical research shows that the most likely to occur in the vessel cerebral hemorrhage compared Fragile right brain hemisphere. so to prevent the occurrence of cerebral hemorrhage best way is to rotate in both morning and evening hours of the fitness ball with his left hand to help the right brain hemisphere developed.

8. Prevent fatigue
Do not be too physical and mental labor fatigue, work overload can be induced by cerebral hemorrhage.

9 .close attention to their physical changes
There will be some sign of stroke symptoms, without the incentive of severe headache, dizziness, syncope. Some suddenly felt numbness, weakness or momentary loss of vision, difficulties in verbal communication should be timely medical examination and treatment.

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Article: How to prevent intracerebral hemorrhage (Cerebral hemorrhage)?

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