How to prevent dry eye syndrome ?

(1) To effectively prevent dry eye, the best way is to cultivate the habit of multi-wink. Professionals that is a pressure-type dry eye disease, the problem is a long time staring at the direction of the eye to see. So the best way to avoid eyestrain is the proper rest and avoid continuous operation. If you are a family of glasses, then with a pair of right glasses is very important. Work posture and distance is also very important to keep on at 60cm distance, adjusting one of the most appropriate posture, making the line of sight to maintain the downward about 30o, such a perspective can be hard to relax muscles and expose the surface of the eye minimize the size of the air.

(2) Engaged in computer operations, should eat plenty of fresh vegetables and fruits, while increasing vitamins A, B1, C, E intake. To prevent corneal drying, eye dryness, decreased visual acuity, or even night blindness, etc., the computer operator should eat foods rich in vitamin A, such as soy products, fish, milk, walnuts, vegetables, cabbage, spinach, tomatoes and fresh fruit and so on. Vitamin C can effectively inhibit oxidation. Major role of vitamin E are: lower cholesterol, clear body waste, prevent cataracts. Walnuts and peanuts are rich in vitamin E. Vitamin B1 can be neurotrophic, green leafy vegetables rich in vitamins to B1. Drink green tea every day may be appropriate, because the tea LPS, can improve the hematopoietic function of the body, tea and prevention of radiation damage to the function.

(3) to reduce the dry eye, eye drops can be appropriately used in the nutrient solution cornea. Another eye exercises to relax the eye can also play a regulation to reduce visual fatigue. Eye exercises is the essence of self-massage, is through the self-acupuncture and massage the skin around the eye muscles, increased orbital blood circulation, improve nerve nutrition, can eliminate the over-congestion in the brain and eye, the circular flow, the eye muscles can be ruled out regulation accumulation of metabolites, the purpose of eliminating eye fatigue.

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Article: How to prevent dry eye syndrome ?

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    Thanks for the tips! As someone who has been suffering from dry eyes for many years now. I take comfort in knowing its being talked about more thank what it use. Dry eye syndrome needs more recognition!

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