9 Tips – How to prevent and alleviate halitosis(bad breath )

Bad breath is mouth and spit out the gas exhaled gas has offensive odor, and was another smell; often to patients with mental burden and affect social activities. You can take the following steps to prevent and alleviate bad breath symptoms.

1. Aggressive treatment of diseases caused by bad breath. Such as periodontitis, hepatitis, stomach, etc.
2. Usually pay attention to keep your mouth moist, always drink plenty of water.
3. People who are stubborn bad breath, brush your teeth after every meal should adhere to.
4. Prolonged fasting easily lead to bad breath, it should not be prolonged fasting.
5. Do not overeat during meals, eat three square meals easy to cause bad breath.
6. Sleep time should not be too long, too much sleep easily lead to bad breath.
7. Eating spicy food cause bad breath weight, can chew tea, chewing gum or eating a few jujube’s methods.
8. Before the meals, eat fruit can help prevent or reduce bad breath.
9. Before each meal, do a dozen of deep breathing, help to avoid bad breath.

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Article: 9 Tips – How to prevent and alleviate halitosis(bad breath )

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