How to iron supplements for your baby?

How to iron supplements your baby must be sub-stage, because there are different times in different periods of demand. 1 to 5 months as the baby, if the mother During Pregnancy, has been a sufficient amount of iron supplement (especially the last three months), and it is not the case of twins or premature birth, breast-feeding can be achieved only through the general body the demand. Although the iron content in breast milk is very low, only 1.5~2.0 mg per thousand milliliters , but the iron absorption rate can reach 50%.

Normal full-term baby, the body can be maintained by the storage of iron to within five months after the birth of hemoglobin synthesis. However, with the baby’s growth and development, breastfeeding alone has become increasingly unable to meet their needs. So, six months after the baby how to iron supplements, it is recommended to the parents to feed your baby some of the strengthen iron milk, rice and biscuits.

8 months after the baby teeth grow more and more, so more and more improved chewing function. At this time, parents can choose animal liver, lean meat, fish, poultry blood, fresh mushrooms, black fungus, seaweed, dates, sesame and soy products and other food for them to eat, to supplement iron.

How to iron supplements your baby is more effective, even more with the diet containing vitamin C, eat some of the more vegetables and fruits. Because vitamin C makes iron absorption rate increased by 4 times. Cherry, orange, strawberry, cedar, garlic, cauliflower, amaranth, etc. are all good choices.

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Article: How to iron supplements for your baby?

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