How to do headache after drinking?

1, Drink a few glasses of good quality honey. which will not only feel the gradual disappearance of headache and dizziness, and can make you fall asleep quickly, and will not headache the next morning wake up.

2, the alcohol will dehydrate the body’s cells, so they should add plenty of water before going to bed and wake up later to add one. Help to alleviate the discomfort caused by dehydration, and speed up the alcohol from the body.

3, fresh grapes. Grapes are rich in tartaric acid, can interact with alcohol to form esters of ethanol, can prevent nausea after drinking, nausea and other symptoms. If you eat before drinking, but also effective in preventing drunk.

4, tomato juice. Tomatoes can promote the decomposition of alcohol, one drink can drink more than 300ml dizzy feeling gradually disappear.

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Article: How to do headache after drinking?

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