How to DIY skin whitening mask

How to DIY skin whitening mask? It is really too much! But looks like I used pearl powder mask on the most effective, and if it is oily skin on the add egg white pearl powder, pearl powder mask on dry skin, add yogurt or milk. Coated to the face at night, after such a fifteen minutes to go wash. Also oats + milk is also very good, very suitable to do now when the winter.

Share the following five sources of material more convenient mask:

1, Fresh fruit
Effect: skin whitening, moisturizing, it is suitable for summer use.
Practice: the peeled lemon, apple, banana, longan and other fresh fruit into the juice machine, the squeezed into the juice. One raw eggs and then break, drop out of egg white, mix thoroughly, into mashed. Coated on face and neck evenly, after 20 minutes, wash with water.

2, DIY honey skin whitening mask
Effect: to make the skin whitening and tender and delicate.
Practice: 2 tablespoons wheat flour + 1 spoon of honey, into mashed, surface covered. 20 minutes later, can be washed with water, and then, with the right amount honey + baby oil massage the skin, for some time, the skin whitening and tender, full of luster.

3, DIY Pearl Powder skin whitening mask
Effect: skin whitening effect is remarkable, nourishing the skin have a good effect.
Approach: Take 3 tablespoons of pearl powder, a crushed vitamin E, and then with pure water into a paste. Surface covered, 20 minutes, washed with pure water.

4, DIY Egg skin whitening mask
Effect: particularly suitable in dry skin, whitening, wrinkle-free.
Practice: eggs cooked, take the egg yolk, with the right amount honey and fine flour , and the right amount of pure water and mix thoroughly. Surface covered, 20 minutes later, with the pure water wash.

5, Banana Milk skin whitening mask
Effects: make the skin skin whitening and supple.
Approach: the banana inflicted mushy, and then add the full-fat milk, then add a small amount of water. These things probably 2 : 5 : 1 ratio and then to coated his face, then gently tap the face, and finally do nothing. 20 minutes after the wash.

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Article: How to DIY skin whitening mask

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