How long is best replaced once sanitary napkins

To menstruation always make women miserable, more likely to suffer disturbing vaginitis. Experts said that women used sanitary napkins, pads, tampons, used properly, can protect women avoid inflammation struck, but if used improperly vaginitis may become a potential “accomplice.”

Some female house or white-collar workers believe that the advertising is too exaggerated rhetoric, that one can pad for a long time, often sit seventy-eight hours do not move, do not bother the timely replacement of sanitary napkins. In fact, even if its quality standards, when the body is active, anus, urethra and vagina special physiological structure also makes the bacteria causing the napkin itself on mobile cross-infection.

Experts explained that under normal circumstances , about 10% of non-pregnant women and 30 % of pregnant women with C. albicans vaginal parasite without causing symptoms. In the moist, warm , in particular increased vaginal glycogen , increased acidity case of excessive proliferation fungus seems unbalanced ecological nature , as candidiasis occurs vaginosis .

In addition, some women feel vaginal discharge is not clean, in the absence of menstruation , when love to use sanitary pads , this seemingly healthy habits , the most unhealthy .

Best to do it without pads , padded surface glial ” airtight ” so wet pussy , forming breeding grounds for viruses , greatly increasing the risk of infection, vaginitis , vaginal infection in pregnant women have premature crisis , and even lead to ectopic pregnancy and non- sterile.

Expert advice: Changing sanitary napkins best female , best traffic for a long time every 2 to 3 hours for once , the flow is low and do not exceed 4 ~ 5 hours ; even an official holiday but also a day to clean the vulva , the more the more menstrual should pay attention to clean. Always wash your hands before using sanitary napkins , sanitary napkins to avoid the bacteria into . Sanitary pads occasionally a few times anyway , but do not use it every day . If you use sanitary pads , must be changed frequently to keep dry.

In buying sanitary napkins , be sure to see the expiration date, try to buy quality assured products , buy not too much , but not for long . While selecting a good air permeability cotton pad , do not use the scent on the skin to stimulate pad .

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Article: How long is best replaced once sanitary napkins

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