Hepatitis B antiviral therapy during what food to eat

Hepatitis B patients not only to aggressive treatment, but also careful in diet to restore. Good eating habits can help patients with liver protection, and adjuvant therapy for early realization of rehabilitation, while eating should not eat food, eat the food detrimental to liver health liver burden will drag the treatment of slow effect. The hepatitis B antiviral treatment period to eat what food is good?

1, Nutritionally balanced
Attention to nutrition, can not be picky eaters, the partial eclipse, so as to liver repair diet should be protein, soy, eggs, milk, chicken, fish, lean meat, usually can eat more mushrooms, shiitake mushrooms and other fungi supplement trace elements. Do not eat spicy food.

2, Green fruits and vegetables
Eat more fresh vegetables, fruits, promote repair and regeneration of the liver, as well as to enhance the body’s immune system is very useful. Diet, the hepatitis B virus carriers can be appropriate to eat vegetables, shepherd’s purse, celery, spinach, cucumber, tomatoes, apples, pears, bananas, grapes.

3, High – protein foods
Milk, tofu, eggs, fish and other high – protein foods. Protein is an important component of the human body, liver disease when the body protein of the storage will be reduced, if you do not replenish, the body will cause a great impact, and eat more protein-rich food is also conducive to the recovery of liver function.

4, Fungal food
The daily diet, such as mushrooms, Hericium, mushrooms, black fungus, white fungus, etc., which contains the active ingredients can enhance T-lymphocyte function, thereby enhancing the body against various diseases of the immune function, and fungi food but also promote excretion of toxic substances, which play a very good protective Liver function.

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Article: Hepatitis B antiviral therapy during what food to eat

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