Five major food lower blood pressure

The following five kinds of food, prevention and treatment of high blood pressure have a significant effect of food.

1, Chayote:
Chayote is a low-calorie, rich in potassium, zinc and other trace elements in perfect health food, a diuretic, to help natriuresis, the expansion of the function of blood vessels, lower blood pressure.

2, Broccoli:
Known as the “vegetable crown of broccoli is the high value of a health natural foods, and has superior blood pressure, anti-cancer effects.

3, Oats:
Oat of the nutrient-rich, unique Sericin can effectively reduce cholesterol, lower blood pressure, people call it “medicine pearls.

4, Celery:
Celery is renowned for its dietary fiber content help intestinal smooth and well-known, and it is rich in vitamin P content is the adjuvant treatment of high blood pressure medicine.

5, Kelp:
Kelp contains kelp acid hypotensive effect, which contain starch sulfate have a good Lowering blood lipid effect. In addition to iodine supplement, preventing the therapeutic value of high blood pressure better.

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Article: Five major food lower blood pressure

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