Eight kinds of food to help you clear the body of waste

Human metabolic process will produce a lot of waste “, and also from the dirty air inhalation of large amounts of toxic and hazardous gases and particles. Although the human body has a certain ability to clear itself of toxins, but when the body of waste weakened, the waste can not be discharged, it will affect the health savings too much or the body detoxification sewage function. The following eight kinds of food will help rid the body of a variety of “toxins”.

Green leafy vegetables: leafy green vegetables are mostly alkaline, the excessive acidic substances can and in diet sugar, meat, eggs, and metabolic, body fluids to maintain alkaline, so as to clear the blood of toxic. Vegetables Vegetables optional radish leaves, vegetables, rape leaves, spinach, kale, cabbage, carrots, cauliflower, cabbage and other.

Coarse grains: Eat sweet potatoes, potatoes, corn, buckwheat and other coarse grains helps to maintain smooth stool, so that the body of poisons will not be a long time lag intestinal. The coarse grain contains many refined grains (or processed foods) the lack of specific vitamins and minerals. These nutrients help to regulate the environment within the stomach, easily absorbed by the body and improve the immune function of the resistance to disease.

Wine: wine heart health. It is rich in citric acid, belongs to the genus of alkaline drinks, and all other alcoholic beverages do not have. Reported that drinking wine can prevent and correct the acidosis, there diuretic detoxification. In recent years, for the treatment of gout also see the effect.

Tempeh: the study found that eating tempeh helps digestion, boost brain power, improve liver detoxification and other effects. Can promote metabolism, remove toxins from the blood, since the blood cleansing. In addition, tempeh also contains a lot of urokinase to dissolve clots, containing large amounts of B vitamins and antibiotics can prevent Alzheimer’s disease.

Optional fresh lemon, orange, grapefruit, grapes, sugar cane juice, plums, apples, tomatoes and other fruit or fruit juice: The fruit taste was often isolated and sour, but in the metabolic processes in the body can become alkaline, and allows the blood to maintain alkaline. In particular, they can accumulate in the cell toxin “dissolved” and eventually excreted by the excretion system.

Green tea: Green tea, there are many detoxification factor, they are easy to combine with toxic substances in the blood, and accelerated discharge from the urine. Regular tea drinking can prevent cancer and lowering blood pressure. Smokers to drink green tea can reduce the harm of nicotine.

Kelp and seaweed: they contain a large number of glial. Laxative to promote the body’s radioactive poison excreted along with feces. Cancer patients receiving chemotherapy is beneficial to eat seaweed. They are considered alkaline food, purify the blood. Eat kelp and seaweed can reduce the incidence of cancer.

Black fungus: black fungus can inhibit platelet aggregation, reduce cholesterol, the beneficial cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases. Gum, black fungus helps the impurity absorption and accumulation of dust residues in the human digestive system and excreted, clear polyester gastrointestinal.

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Article: Eight kinds of food to help you clear the body of waste

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