Child health care knowledge in autumn

With the arrival of autumn , the temperature began to fall , the weather becomes dry up . Child Care Skin immature, compared with adults need more moisture prone dry mouth , constipation and a series of ” deficiency heat ” signs . Make all health measures , the maintenance of child health is very important.

Tips 1 : Give the child plenty of water autumn, children should drink plenty of water , if the child exclusion of water, you can try to drink chrysanthemum tea , plum soup, honeysuckle , etc., to prevent children and other symptoms of a nosebleed . In kindergarten , the teacher will take care of the children drink more water. Children to eat more than usual moisture -rich seasonal fruits such as watermelon , pears, oranges and so on. A variety of soup is also an important means to add water , broth dishes can be diluted salt and water balance in the body to keep the child .

Tips 2 : eat less “lit” food should eat less spicy food , easy to ” get angry” , such as garlic , ginger, chives , pepper and pepper. Eat less salty foods, too much salt because easy to accelerate the loss of body water . High calorie fried foods and some hot sex fruits such as lychee , longan , orange , also eat sparingly . Tips 3: mother care baby skin wipe or wash your face when your child should use a soft towel , do not scrub . After each cleaning , contains natural moisturizing ingredients required for children skin care products. Children easily chapped lips . Mom should be with a damp towel on the child’s lips, make lips congestion, then apply lip balm. Child nasal mucosa relatively easy to dry , my mother used moist cotton swab dipped in saline nasal cavity .

Tips 4 : cold water workout TCM believes that ” cold injured spleen .” Even children with good physique can not eat every day, cold drinks. In addition to limiting cold outside , take a drink from the refrigerator , yogurt is best placed at room temperature for 15 minutes after eating. Fall is appropriate to raise the child in cold water scrubbing ability to adapt to cold . Including cold water wash in cold water scrub , wash, brush, shower and swimming. Cold water exercise should be gradual , first with the temperature close to the water, and then gradually reduce the water temperature. After washing with a dry towel. Cold water shower is suitable for children over 3 years old , action should be swift , wipe with a dry towel after bath mild redness to the skin so far.

Tips 5 : Prevention of rotavirus diarrhea in autumn is the peak incidence of diarrhea , also known as autumn diarrhea , mainly involving 3 -year-old child. Mother must take shelter ” doorway ” and pay attention to food hygiene, do not give children to eat cold food , toys and utensils regularly to sterilize .

 Tips 6 : nutrition Conditioning give children to eat milk, soy , fish, meat and other high-protein diet. Add more corn, whole wheat bread , millet, black rice and other cereals , to prevent the fall of constipation . Fiber-rich foods , such as spinach , radishes , carrots , celery, cauliflower , etc., should also be increased . In short, with meat and vegetables , with the thickness , so that a balanced diet in order to reduce the incidence autumn .

Tips 7 : Timely vaccination timely vaccination, winter and spring to prevent the high incidence of infectious diseases. Usually at least one month after vaccination , in order to resist infectious diseases in the child ‘s body to produce antibodies .

Tricks 8: kindergarten in maintaining environmental hygiene and public places are not spitting, toilet, do not throw the peel , cigarette butts , paper and other waste ; indoor regular window ventilation , hygiene , clean, fresh environment . In short , to cultivate children good health habits and lifestyle , exercise , enhance physical fitness, parties allow children to grow up healthy and happy.

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Article: Child health care knowledge in autumn

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