Beauty tips for the breastfeeding mothers

With all the hormonal changes of pregnancy, breastfeeding mothers often have concerns about their appearance. Not only are they worried about nursing clothes, and leakage, but they are worried about basic hygiene like hair, nails and skin. Here are some tips and suggestions that may help you feel better about how you look post-partum and during your breastfeeding experience:

1. Keep it simple. You will be so busy with baby that at times it will seem like there is no time for yourself. Find a routine that is basic, but pretty and stick to it. Recognize that being a mother is beautiful in itself, and you don’t need to be a glamour queen for your baby.

2. Figure out your priorities. Is it more important that you wash your hair or that you apply eye-liner? The tasks of new motherhood, especially when breastfeeding can be overwhelming and often it’s all you can do to get a shower everyday, much less style your hair. Figure out what the minimum you need each day is and then set goals toward building on that.

3. Do not make a drastic hair change, unless you previously didn’t have “wash and wear” hair and want it now. Choose low maintenance styles, ones that don’t require a lot of curling irons, hot rollers and styling which you probably won’t find time to do. Also, due to the changes of the hair During Pregnancy, permanent waves may not take, so it is best to avoid them for now.

4. If your hair bothers you get a few simple accessories. Headbands, barrettes, scarves and other hair accessories can go a long way to making you feel beautiful even on the worst nursing mom bad hair day. Hats are always an option too!

5. Be patient with your skin. During and several months after pregnancy the skin changes. It may feel coarse, look blotchy or red. This changes will fade in time and although you may not go back to pre-pregnancy skin, these changes are temporary.

6. Baby your skin. All that baby lotion in your nursery doesn’t need to be just for baby. Dehydration and dry skin are common in breastfeeding moms until they get the hang of things and monitor their fluid intake. Don’t forget to moisturize and pamper yourself.

7. Keep nails short. Not only is newborn skin easily scratched, but long nails are likely to break more often in the first few months after pregnancy. Often short, buffed nails are the best bet for a breastfeeding mom. Polish easily chips and looks messy, whereas short, clipped nails always look classic and stylish.

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Article: Beauty tips for the breastfeeding mothers

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