Anti wrinkle tips for women

Wrinkles is the enemy of female beauty, and how slow the appearance of wrinkles? In fact, the life of many foods are very good on the skin, “modified” role. For example, the skin needs protein-rich, can eat lean meat, milk and vegetable protein with tofu and other soy products more.
Cooked rice, pick a softer, when hot but not too hot balled, on the face, rub until the bunched up into oily skin pores to remove grease, dirt, then wash with water, it can be respiratory smooth skin and reduce wrinkles.

After the rotten banana twist, add a half tablespoon of olive oil, stir and mix thoroughly, coating benefit in the face wrinkles.

Watermelon rind washed with water, the friction face, then rinse thoroughly with water, make skin fresh, smooth.

Luffah can also remove wrinkles, the loofah juice mixed with alcohol and honey, the juice coating the face, when dry wash with water. In addition, there are remove wrinkles in the fruits and vegetables cucumbers, tomatoes, strawberries, oranges, chestnuts, etc.

Tea is rich in chemical components, which are mainly tea polyphenols, tea hormone (caffeine), aromatic compounds, carbohydrates, proteins, amino acids, vitamins, minerals and pectin, a natural bodybuilding drinks.
Regular tea drinking can keep the skin smooth and white and tender, delayed the appearance of facial wrinkles and reduce wrinkles, but also can affect the appearance of the skin to prevent the many skin disease.

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Article: Anti wrinkle tips for women

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