Advantages and disadvantages of drinking tea (benefits and harm of drinking tea)

The benefits of drinking tea: tea can prevent the body as steroids increased the role of prevention and treatment of myocardial infarction, tea polyphenols can remove the body of excessive free radicals, inhibit and kill pathogens. In addition, there are refreshing , eliminate fatigue, antibacterial effects. This middle-aged man is needed. Drinking tea can reduce the damage of radioactive substances on the human body. Therefore, the natural environment in the current pollution situation, especially people living in the city, should always drink tea. Many of the , summed up in 14:

1. Tea can make people in high spirits, enhance thinking and memory ability.
2. Tea can reduce fatigue, promote metabolism, and maintain the heart, blood vessels, gastrointestinal and other normal functions of the role.
3. Tea of great benefit for the prevention of dental caries. According to a British survey shows that children often drink tea dental caries can be reduced by 60%.
4. Tea contains many trace elements beneficial to humans.
5. The role of tea inhibit cancer, tea can significantly inhibit the growth of cancer cells.
6. Tea can inhibit cellular aging, people live longer. Anti-aging effect of tea is 18 times more than vitamin E.
7. Tea with delay and prevent the formation of intimal plaque, prevent arteriosclerosis, high blood pressure and cerebral thrombosis.
8. Tea excitatory central nervous system, and enhance exercise capacity.
9. Drinking tea weight loss and good cosmetic results, especially the Oolong tea which is especially effective.
10. Drinking tea can prevent senile cataracts.
11. Tea contains tannic acid can kill many bacteria, it can prevent stomatitis, pharyngitis, and prevent prone to summer enteritis, dysentery and so on.
12. Drinking tea can protect human hematopoietic function. Tea contains radiation protection substances, while watching TV, drinking tea can reduce the TV radiation hazards, and to protect their eyesight.
13. Drinking tea to maintain normal blood acid and alkali balance. Tea contains caffeine, theophylline, theobromine, xanthine and other alkaloids substances, is a good alkaline drinks. Tea can provide rapidly absorbed and oxidized to produce higher concentrations of alkaline metabolites, which can be timely neutralization the blood acidic metabolites.
14. Heatstroke prevention. Drink hot tea after 9 minutes, the skin temperature drops 1-2 degrees Celsius, makes people feel cool and dry, while the decline in skin temperature after cold drink is not obvious.

Reasonable drinking tea on the human body is to gain and nothing harmful, but if unreasonable, then it harmful to the human body.

The :The wrong method of drinking tea, the harm of drinking tea, the performance is clear:
1. Inappropriate to drink new tea, as the new tea store a short time, contains more without the oxidation of phenols, aldehydes and alcohols and other substances on the gastrointestinal mucosa has a strong stimulating effect, easy to induce stomach. So the new tea should drink less, store less than half a month of the new tea, should avoid drinking, or drink will have a lot of harm.
2. Fasting should not drink tea, fasting drinking tea can be diluted gastric juice, to reduce digestion function, coupled with the water absorption rate is high, resulting in a large number of undesirable components in tea into the blood, causing dizziness, palpitation, weakness in limbs and other symptoms.
3. After a meal should not drink tea, tea contains large amounts of tannic acid, tannic acid can react with the iron in food to produce new substances difficult to dissolve, the human body over time causing iron deficiency, and even induced anemia. The correct way is: after a meal one hour to drink tea.
4. Gastric ulcer patients should not drink tea, because caffeine in tea may promote gastric acid secretion, increasing gastric acid concentration, induced ulcer or even perforation.
5. Menstrual period should not drink tea, drinking tea during menstruation, can induce or aggravate Menstrual period syndrome.

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Article: Advantages and disadvantages of drinking tea (benefits and harm of drinking tea)

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