5 tips to help you improve cervical spondylosis

Due to the long-term chronic fatigue, the age of onset of has significantly younger, and became “office family” occupational disease. That how to improve cervical spondylosis? Following teach you the recipe to help .

1, Timely initiative thermostat, cervical most afraid of exposure to cold, so timely change of clothing to his cervical spine to the appropriate temperature can help improve cervical spondylosis.In the office to prepare a shawl to protect the neck back.

2, Swimming preferred breaststroke, swimming is a whole body movement, can effectively promote the blood circulation of the body muscles, suitable for early or convalescent patients with cervical, back muscles fasciitis patients improve cervical spondylosis. Swimming especially breaststroke breath, inhale the head and neck is always in a low-saith state, exactly in line with the requirements of cervical spondylosis functional exercise, strain the muscles of the shoulder and back of the neck of the overall activities of the various joints of the cervical spine, upper extremity force water effectively promote and the rehabilitation of the ligament.

3, Work time to rest 5 minutes for exercise, fast-paced work life should pay attention to the maintenance of the cervical spine, such as the use of rest breaks as follows cervical operation: sitting head movement, respectively, do bow, rise, turn left and rightturn, protrusion, retrusion and smooth, the counterclockwise surround the action also can help improve cervical spondylosis.

4, Noon and night massage neck relaxed, at noon and in the evening, after a hectic neck may have already exhausted the available fingers, hands cross each other, back and forth on the back of the neck friction neck, the intensity should be gentle, continuous friction 50 under tothe neck fever appropriate, improve cervical spondylosis, relax the body.

5, Do some outdoor sports, nutrition of cartilage tissue by pressure changes in nutrient exchange, lack of activity can cause cartilage malnutrition, leading to degradation. Appropriate for outdoor activities conducive to improving cervical spondylosis, sports selectable jogging, kite flying, playing badminton.

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Article: 5 tips to help you improve cervical spondylosis

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