4 tips for skin whitening

1, Eat more containing antioxidants foods, in general, fruits and vegetables more vitamin C content, such as lemon, strawberry, tomatoes, oranges, etc., and soy products, pork contains more vitamin B2, vitamin C and B2 have antioxidant effects, eat these foods can effectively delay aging.

2, Develop good healthy habits. Daily 23:00 to 3:00 is the time to maintain the depth of sleep, if at this time to maintain good sleep, can improve liver function and detoxification; remained relatively stable mood, pressure of modern life is likely to cause relatively large insomnia and emotional stress, the adrenal endocrine effects, which is caused by the accumulation of toxins from the body of the important reasons.

3, Homemade a strong whitening effect mask. Put the juice machine peeled lemon, apple, banana, longan and other fruit, pressed into juice. And then take a Raw eggs break, drop out of egg white, mix thoroughly, mashed. Apply on face and neck uniform, after 20 minutes, can be washed with pure water.

4, Winter sunscreen can not be ignored. Although the ultraviolet light in winter is not so strong, but whitening persons should pay attention to sunscreen, with some of the cream containing sunscreen ingredients or BB Cream is also a good choice.

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Article: 4 tips for skin whitening

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