11 tips to prevent and treatment dark spots for skin whitening

In fact, many due to the formation of dark spots, but one of the most important reason is ultraviolet light. The skin is very sensitive to UV, excessive exposure causes basal pigment cells, in order to strongly protect the body skin and create a lot of melanin pigment, melanin, if not with the proliferation of normal metabolism discharged outside, they would precipitate phenomenon, and the formation of Dark spots. In addition, due to slow metabolism caused by aging, dry skin, stress, and even pregnancy, when hormone production disorders are also the reasons for the formation of Dark spots, short, dark spots to form its external factors, but also the internal factors. If we are to prevent, we must both inside and outside the job.

skin whitening will be the first to remove freckle – Dark spots of prevention and treatment:

1, Prevent pore blockage, always keep pores clear, full implementation of the massage, the surface covered, sucked precipitated pigment of care.

2, Eat more high content of vitamin C of food and fruit to skin whitening.

3, Nutritional supplements, and improve the liver function.

4, Eat more rich calcium of the food.

5, Of maintaining a happy mood, relieve fatigue.

6, Adequate sleep.

7, Before and after pregnancy for appropriate maintenance and care.

8, Avoid prolonged exposure to sunlight.

9, To UV, be sure to make protective, concealing the work, choose sunscreen, and restore the skin whitening, improve the elastic tissue of the protective skin care products.

10, Avoid edible high levels of pigment food, drinks.

11, Appropriate exercise to promote blood circulation and metabolism.

In order to prevent dark spots, in addition to always maintain a happy, pay attention to internal organs function properly. As has been formed to eliminate dark spots, in addition to more intake of vitamin C, protein and iron, and actively adopt special care, such as massage, surface covered etc. in order to promote metabolism, accelerate the discharge of melanin. Do not forget, the best maintenance lies in the “know and do”, do you have with it?

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Article: 11 tips to prevent and treatment dark spots for skin whitening

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