10 of the most simple skincare ways

Everyday life can also let us more and more beautiful, the easiest method of skin care! Let us start from .

1, Mashed banana, add milk, applied to the face. Wash after 20 minutes, you can make your skin smooth and delicate.

2, Stir the honey and egg white painted face can make skin smooth and reduce wrinkles.

3, Turmeric powder and milk mixture coated on the face to remove sunburn and reduce the hair on his face.

4, Cereal, cheese and tomato juice Stir painted face, 20 minutes and then cold water wash to help restore sun-darkened skin, the skin shiny.

5, Potato chips attached to the face can reduce the color of freckles and scars.

6, Cucumber juice is great Lifting of water. The cucumber sauce evenly coated on the face can tighten pores. After 15 minutes, washed with water.

7, Lime juice can also help restore the skin tan. Lime juice is a natural bleach, but to pay attention to the role of citrus juice photosensitive after use to avoid the sun, or the white beauties to become the Black Beauty!

8, Honey can make the skin smooth and delicate shiny, and reduce wrinkles.

9, Citrus fruit juices are a good choice to deal with oily skin.

10, Ice friction with the skin can tighten pores and promote blood circulation.

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Article: 10 of the most simple skincare ways

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