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Pregnant women can eat crucian carp

Crucian carp protein contained high quality, easy to digest and absorb, the liver and kidney disease, a good source of protein in patients with cardiovascular disease, eat can enhance disease resistance in patients with the disease, hepatitis, nephritis, hypertension, heart disease, chronic bronchitis can always eat.
Pregnant women eat Crucian carp?
Can eat.
Early pregnancy can eat Crucian carp, but is best soup, best wild crucian carp, the second trimester and third trimester of pregnancy can drink, so that after a child is born with milk to drink.
Of maternal Can eat [...]

Herbal remedies lighten the pigment

How to use herbal remedies to lighten the pigment? Applying over-the-counter and prescription lighteners to your skin can often result in drying and in some extreme cases, scarring. Whether you’ve got dark spots on your skin that you would like to reduce, or you want to lighten your skin, there are a number of herbal remedies you can apply to your skin that will naturally lighten the pigment. Many of the things you need for natural skin lightening can be found right in your kitchen.
1. Reduce your exposure [...]

Pregnant women be careful to eat jelly

Jelly is water, sugar and a thickener (sodium alginate, agar, edible gelatin, carrageenan, etc.) as the raw material of jelly food, often also contain a variety of added sweeteners, flavors, colorants, sour agents food additives. Crystal jelly appearance, bright color, creamy taste, but the nutritional value is very low, eat more no good.
Pregnant women can eat jelly?
Be careful to eat.
Not suitable for Pregnant women to eat jelly, jelly, although tasty, but not nutrition and high food additive content, eat more no good.
Maternal can eat jelly?
Be careful to eat.
Maternal [...]

Pregnant women can not eat ham sausage

Ham sausage is fresh or frozen meat, poultry, fish as the main raw material, supplemented starch, vegetable protein powder filler, then add salt, sugar, wine, monosodium glutamate, spices and other condiments, and add quality improver carrageenan meat and vitamin C, as well as color agent, insurance agent, preservatives and other substances made ​​sausage products. Ham sausage class delicate meat products, fresh and tasty, diverse tastes, convenience food, long shelf life, but most of the nutritional value of the product is not high, can not be compared with the [...]

Pregnant women can not eat crabs

Crabs are rich in protein, vitamin D, also contains calcium, phosphorus, potassium, sodium, magnesium, selenium and other trace elements, less fat and carbohydrates, high in cholesterol Crab.
Crabs have antituberculosis role,  eat crab great benefit for the rehabilitation of tuberculosis.
Detoxification, added bone marrow complement, support tendons and blood circulation, through the meridians, for congestion, damage, jaundice, lumbar and leg pain and rheumatoid arthritis and other diseases have a certain therapeutic effect.
Pregnant women can eat Crabs?
Can not eat.
Crab meat cold, promoting blood circulation effect, it is detrimental to pregnant women, [...]

Pregnant women can drink lemonade? Benefits for pregnant women to drink lemonade

Lemonade is a lemon flavored water drinks, there is a cure constipation, detoxifies the effectiveness of weight-loss effect, refreshing, whitening, prevent colds effect. So pregnant women can drink lemonade?
Lemon can help vomiting, relieve morning sickness, but the lemonade is too sour, pregnant women should not drink lemonade fasting morning. Drinking warm water before eating breakfast honey lemonade drink 30-60 minutes, then the normal body functions have tended, on the water has been irritating resistance, but also by the action of water so that the body of the stomach [...]

Pregnant women can eat eels

The eel rich “good” fats, phospholipids contained therein, brain cells essential nutrients.
eels contains are commonly known as “Brain Gold” in DHA and EPA, levels were higher than other seafood, meat, and DHA and EPA have been shown the important role of prevention of cardiovascular diseases.
The eel also contains a lot of calcium, for the prevention of osteoporosis also have some effect.
Ms. most inviting, the eel skin, meat are rich in collagen, can beautify the skin, anti-aging, it is called “edible cosmetics.”
Eels in nutrition only obvious flaw is almost [...]

Pregnant women can eat kelp

Kelp characteristics and effectiveness
Prevention of goiter, lowering blood pressure, hypolipidemic, to remove the attachment of cholesterol in the blood vessel wall, smooth tone stomach, promote the excretion of cholesterol.
Inhibition of tumor, hypoglycemic, anti-cancer star selenium-rich, anti-cancer, enhance immunity.
Kelp is often attached to the frost-like white powder – mannitol is a valuable medicinal substances, with lower blood pressure, diuretic and swelling.
Kelp contains large amounts of polyunsaturated fatty acids EPA, can reduce blood viscosity, reduce hardening of the arteries.
Eliminate breast hyperplasia, hair care, add calcium, cosmetic weight loss, anti-aging.
Pregnant women [...]

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