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What is the best time to workout(exercise)

Evening exercise is most beneficial. The reason: the human physical play or physical ability to adapt to the best time in the afternoon, or are close to dusk. At this point, the most sensitive human taste, sight, hearing and feeling, the body coordinating the strongest, especially heart rate and blood pressure are relatively stable, the most appropriate exercise.
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6 tips to prevent of pneumonia in children

How to prevent of pneumonia in children?
1. Strengthening exercises is the foundation.
2. Enhance the body Cold tolerance and on the ability to adapt to changes in ambient temperature.
3. Children clothes not too thick or too thin, baby do not wrap too tight.
4. Infants should be possible, avoid contact with patients with respiratory infections.
5. Time and good planning immunization injections pediatric pneumonia vaccine for the prevention of pneumonia in children is effective.
6. Do not just heat generating it to the big or small hospitals require the infusion to prevent cross-infection.


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Do not drink tea immediately after a meal

Why can not drink tea immediately after a meal?
Tea contains tannic acid and theophylline, combined with dietary protein to produce non-digestible tannic acid protein, could easily lead to constipation; inhibit gastric secretion lead to indigestion; increase the likelihood of carcinogens are absorbed; react with the metal element is easy to form stones. The higher the concentration of tea the greater harm. Before meals can drink chrysanthemum, weak tea, but when you eat, drink tea more indigestion. Water is the best drink after a meal. Half an hour after [...]

Six kinds of natural lipid-lowering drugs – Hypolipidemic

What foods to eat to Hypolipidemic, to prevent Hyperlipidemia?
1. Hawthorn: promote cholesterol excretion.
2. Green beans: rich in polysaccharides, can enhance the activity of serum lipoproteins, lipoprotein triglyceride hydrolysis so achieve lipid-lowering efficacy.
3. Mushrooms: lowering blood pressure.
4. Sweet potatoes: prevention of atherosclerosis.
5. Cucumbers: heat quench their thirst diuretic.
6. Eggplant: rich in vitamin P, can keep the vascular wall elasticity and physiological function, prevent hardening and cracking.
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Try not to turn on the lights when sleeping baby

Try not to turn on the lights, when your baby sleeping:
1, So that long-term infants to sleep in the light, will shorten the babies every sleep time, sleep depth will be shallow, but it is easy to wake up. The baby’s bone growth is very unfavorable.
2, Long time sleep in the light, it will affect the baby’s eye reticular activating system, detrimental to the baby’s visual development, can easily cause damage to the retina, affecting the normal development of their vision.
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What foods eat less or not eat for Bad stomach people

Bad stomach eat less nine common food:
1, Mint
Mint will relax the esophageal sphincter, which is an important cause of stomach acid. Not only to eat less mint, but also to eat less a variety of foods containing menthol, such as drink less mint tea, less chewing mints, mint chewing gum and other.
2, Soft drinks
Soft drink is an irritant relatively large beverage, it can stimulate the stomach, causing gastrointestinal discomfort; drinking the right amount of juice contribute to good health, but the juice often contain a lot of sugar, [...]

Dont Lazy lifestyles, it reducing life expectancy

Today’s British people are “the least active generation in history” and that lack of exercise is leading to around 37,000 premature deaths a year, according to a parliamentary report published on Tuesday.
Published by the All Party Commission on Physical Activity, the report calls for radical changes to “turn back the toxic tide of inactivity,” including altering the way schools are run to ensure that children take more exercise, and changes in town and transport planning in order to make it easier for people to make more journeys on [...]

Eat four kinds of food can help enhance physical fitness

What foods to eat to help enhance physical fitness?
1. Cauliflower: also known as cauliflower, broccoli, with a large number of anti-cancer enzymes, is the food of choice for longevity food.
2 Strawberry: You can improve skin texture, reduce diarrhea, liver and urinary tract disease remission.
3 Soy: rich in phytoestrogens, on women’s health is extremely important.
4. Sweet potatoes: rich in a lot of fiber, potassium, iron and vitamin B6, can prevent aging, prevent arteriosclerosis.
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